MSRTC online reservation

MSRTC online reservation system to book tickets online. Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) one of largest public transport corporation in India. MSRTC operates buses and employees committing reliable and safe journey. MSRTC buses are so popular among citizens of Maharashtra, “ST Mahamandal bus” running from small village to top metro cities like Mumbai and Pune. MSRTC buses also known as “lal dabba” which means “Red bus”, anyone can easily guess whether bus is coming or not.

MSRTC online reservation system for MSRTC buses is a next step towards good governance and “Digital India”. MSRTC online reservation very simple and time saving for passengers. Previously passengers had to go one or one and half hour before bus time to get seat, now MSRTC online booking offers reserved seat with exact bus departure timing which gives superior experience to MSRTC passengers.

Benefits of MSRTC online booking

  1. Easy booking
  2. Time saving
  3. Reserved seat
  4. 24*7 services
  5. Advance booking
  6. Easy cancellation and refund

MSRTC online booking

MSRTC Online reservation from website is easy booking procedure. Best ticket booking interface, best graphics and properly arranged options. New users can easily get familiar with MSRTC online booking website. MSRTC provides username and password for your account. The same username and password can be used to book multiple tickets at the same time. Fill the required information and save it. online payment gateway is most secure for online payment. After successfully payment you will get online bus ticket , you can use this e ticket in digital format or print this e ticket and show this to bus conductor.

Time saving

Online reservation gives freedom to book ticket from anywhere which ultimately saves time. Bus departure exact time as mentioned on E ticket. In this busy schedule its difficult to go personally at MSRTC depot for bus reservation, which is time consuming as well. This online services gives opportunity to book tickets at any time.

Reserved seat

Getting seat in MSRTC bus was the first concern when someone have to travel with ST bus, now online reservation provides reserved seat to all passengers with seat number.

24*7 services

Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is one of respected and reputed public transport which provides 24*7 services to passengers.

MSRTC known for its timely services since it’s establishment. All over Maharashtra state from villages to metro cities like Mumbai and Pune. Maharashtra has 36 district , all these district has MSRTC regional office which is responsible to maintain public transport across the districts. MSRTC is very famous among school & college students for its low cost and safe service. MSRTC provides passes at economical price.

Advance booking

Advance booking provides great advantage in festival seasons like Diwali, summer vacation etc. Due to huge number of public want to travel from MSRTC buses so there will be additional temporary buses for festival season to handle public transport.

Easy cancellation and refund

Bus ticket cancellation and refund of bus ticket became more relax and safe because of online reservation. On MSRTC website individual have to register himself with bank account number to get benefit of refund.

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Why you should choose msrtc online booking?

There are many msrtc booking website, but you must choose government website for msrtc online booking.

If you choose bus ticket from other than government website then it may be fraud or not good service as msrtc website will provide you.

Please always beware and take care of your ATM pin and ATM card number. please don’t share this information with anyone even with bank officials. Its a matter of your bank safety, frequently change bank passwords for security purpose and remember it.

MSRTC online booking procedure

How you can use msrtc online booking ? well this is super easy. you just have to make sure you have MSRTC username and password.

If you dont have MSRTC account then can register in just few simple steps.

First you have to go at official website of MSRTC