history of msrtc



MSRTC or Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation is the public bus transport service of Maharashtra. MSRTC Bus service connects more than 70 lakh passengers, who travel every day through 16000 buses and 17000 routes.


MSRTC Bus service started in the 1920s. With the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act in 1939, bus schedules were fixed, routes were standardised and MSRTC bus stops and fares were formulated. In 1948, Bombay started its bus transport service funded by the government known as State Transport of Bombay. After implementation of Act for Road Transport Corporation, Bombay State Road Transport Corporation or BSRTC was formed. This was later renamed to Maharastra State Road Transport Corporation.


MSRTC Online Booking

For the purpose of online booking tickets, travellers can use their credit card, Master or Visa cards. Generally, travellers will need to pay an extra amount as service charge but if you are paying by credit card, you can avoid paying this. In addition to the MSRTC Online Bus Ticket Booking option, the organization also provides the option of booking tickets through their mobile booking facility. Travellers can get information on MSRTC Time Table, MSRTC Fares, MSRTC Online Reservation Availability and more on its official website.


MSRTC: Bus Types

MSRTC has a fleet of approximately 16000 buses. Ordinary passenger buses, semi-luxury buses, Volvo – B7R and Volvo B9R buses are a part of this huge fleet. MSRTC Volvo buses run between a large number of cities in Maharashtra.


Popular Routes of MSRTC

MSRTC helps people living in Maharashtra travel within the state. At the same time, MSRTC helps connect people of Maharashtra with neighbouring regions of Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. The most frequented route by MSRTC buses is the route from Dadar to Pune.