Shivshahi bus is the new brand name of MSRTC, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has started ‘Shivshahi bus’ to enhance inter-state connectivity service throughout Maharashtra state. The Shivshahi bus is a semi-luxury bus recently launched by the State Transport Corporation (MSRTC). The Shivshahi bus will fill the gap between the Shivneri bus and the Parivahan bus. MSRTC also launched the sleeper couch Shivshahi bus because of the good response from passengers to the Shivshahi bus. MSRTC online booking to book any kind of MSRTC bus ticket like Shivneri bus, shivshahi bus, St Mahamandal bus, paravahan bus, etc.

Shivshahi buses becoming more famous because of their traveling experience, Some key points of Shivshahi bus (features of Shivshahi buses)

1) Clean

MSRTC is a public transport corporation, and thousands of passengers travel with MSRTC buses daily. Due to the maximum number of passengers, it’s challenging to keep public transport buses clean and neat. For this must need to change habits, we are happy to say that nowadays people aware to keep our public buses as well as buses to keep clean.

Shivshahi bus is a luxury bus service by MSRTC, these buses have good interiors and are clean because of daily maintenance. Daily cleaning of these buses helps to keep buses clean and neat for good passenger service.

2) Comfortable seats

Passengers always like to travel with comfortable seats and they deserve it as well because they pay their valuable money for good service. Comfortable seats are always a first choice & requirement.

3) Reserved seats

we discussed the value of comfortable seats before. When we get comfortable seats reserved already for us, this will give good customer service. We can reserve seats through the online MSRTC reservation service.

4) WI-Fi

Entertainment is a must while traveling when we travel for long distances, which will be very boring if there is no entertainment with you. Shivshahi buses have WIFI service, now you are connected with your loved ones with the help strong WIFI network.

5) Charging points

As we discussed in the previous point, If we travel long distances then we need to charge our cell phone to keep connected with the internet and phone calls. Charging points are provided on the bus.

6) Air-conditioned

Air-conditioned buses become necessary during the summer season. In the summer season environment temperature can reach up to 40C. In such high temperatures traveling with air-conditioned buses is value for money, money is worth it. Shivshahi buses are semi-luxury buses; it’s equipped with an Air conditioning system to keep the required temperature within the bus. Check for cooling tower tonnage calculation.

7) Safety

MSRTC bus ranks first when it comes to safety. Safe traveling is the priority of passengers. MSRTC takes care of its passengers to provide them with good services. Shivshahi buses have safety equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, etc. All these safety tools are provided inside the Shivshahi bus.

8) Entertainment

Shivshahi buses have Television screens for entertainment throughout the journey. Traveling with entertainment can enjoy a journey rather than getting bored with travel.

9) Faster

As the Shivshahi bus is built on the latest model of bus chassis, it’s faster than normal buses, thanks to its high-power engine equipped for the Shivshahi bus. Due to its perfect and powerful design, Shivshahi buses are faster than ordinary buses. Their timely services from depot to destination also affect the fast mode of transport.

10) Best bus suspensions

Bus suspensions come into play when buses go off roads such as in villages where roads are not good enough. Air suspension takes care of shocks generated due to such roads. Shivshahi bus suspension system is way better than ordinary buses.

11) Shivai ebus

After the success of shivshahi bus. MSRTC has launched electric version of shivshahi bus called “shivai ebus”. The electric version is a flagship program of MSRTC to transform the transportation to ev. In the upcoming years, we shall see many shivai ebuses in maharashtra.

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