MSRTC E-Shivai electric bus

MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) has come up with electric buses to promote sustainability. MSRTC aiming to become net carbon neutral.

E-Shivai buses are the most advance electric buses from MSRTC.

For the time being, E-Shivai buses are only available at few cities. Like Mumbai, pune, nashik, sambhajinagar, and solapur.

shivai bus

Total 150 E-Shivai buses to be launched in the first phase.

On the occasion of Maharashtra day, 1st May E-Shivai buses shall be operational to various routes.

E-shivai buses comes with modern facilities like fully air conditioning (A/C), comfortable seats, charging point at seats, neat and clean bus.

MSRTC will add more electric buses in the fleet.

The buses shall run on these routes. Mumbai to Pune, Pune to Nashik, Pune To Solapur, Pune to sambhajinagar, etc.

In the recent years MSRTC is continuously adding new fleets of the buses. like shivneri bus, shivshahi bus, hirkani bus, shivai bus, etc.